CCMX Winter School – Surface Science: Fundamentals, Properties and Selected Applications

The 2019 CCMX Winter School will take place from 27 January to 1 February in Kandersteg, Switzerland and aims to bring together a group of no more than 24 PhD students from various research institutions with backgrounds in Materials Science, Chemistry and Physics. Students will spend an intensive week learning about and discussing fundamental aspects of surface science.

Scientists highly recognized in their fields will cover important aspects of surface science, ranging from fundamentals and state-of-the-art characterization and examination of durability to hard coatings and thin film systems. The lectures will provide the participants with a toolbox applicable to their research projects and future careers, and a solid foundation for advancing the field of surface science.



Please register using the form found here. The registration deadline is Friday, 14 December.

Bio form to complete

Once you have completed and submitted the on-line registration form, please complete the biography template (2019_CCMX_Winter_School-bio_form) and send it to Carey Sargent. Your registration will not be complete until this form has been returned.

A full week of studies (and fun)

Organized over one week as 9 modules, the Winter School will consist of talks by participants and lecturers in the morning (4 periods), free afternoons for recreational winter sports and networking, and finally talks by participants and lecturers (1 to 3 periods) before dinner in the early evenings. Friday morning is reserved for presentations from industry speakers.

Presentations by group of participants and by lecturers 

Each lecturer will make an in-depth presentation on one of their major research contributions presented in one or several papers for 2 periods of 45 minutes.

A group of 2 to 3 students will be assigned this /these paper(s). They will also be given one or two earlier papers on which the lecturer’s contribution was based, which they will be asked to study and to present to the class in a 45 minute slot prior to the lecturer’s talk, in order to present the underlying background or fundamentals of the lecturer’s work.

Groups of participants will be formed and assigned to their topics one week after registration has closed.


Hotel Alfa Soleil, Dorfstrasse 99, 3718 Kandersteg (hotel website)

Practical Information

This course may be validated for 2 ECTS credits in the doctoral programmes of EPFL and ETH Zurich, after acceptance by the corresponding institution. Full attendance and involvement in the group assignment is mandatory for students seeking credit.

Participation Fees

  • 975 CHF for PhD students from EPFL, ETHZ, Empa, PSI and CSEM
  • 1,200 CHF for PhD students from other institutions and other academic researchers
  • 2,000 CHF for all other students

Accommodation and meals are included in the fees. VAT as well as a bank transfer fee of CHF12 may apply in some cases.